Thursday, September 10, 2009


Mr Pancakes is having some friends over for a Sunday breakfast. Well, an impromptu session and we are all glad that most can make it. (Mr K had to work and Mrs K have to stay home to feed the new-born.)

Mr and Mrs Pancakes trotted down to the supermarket to buy the stuff for tomorrow... A punnet of strawberries was one of the items. Mr Pancakes (as usual) snacked on the strawberries while preparing them for the breakfast tomorrow. POW WOW. Orgasmic. (Almost.) Intense flavour, sweet with a tinge of sour to tickle the taste buds. They are probably in season. One punnet selling at $4.35 at all good NTUC.

BTW, Mr Pancakes added Cointreau and some caster sugar (not that it was necessary for this batch, more to glaze is then to taste it.) The cut-up strawberries are now sitting pretty in the fridge.

Oh yah. Marigold Oat Milk tastes great too. Try it. Selling at $3.50 per 1L carton, S5.95 for two 1L cartons. Worth every penny.

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