Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lemon Meringue Cake (Part 3)

The Pancakes were watching Asian Food Channel the other day and saw one of the chefs making a cupcake with lemon curd and meringue on the top, which gave Mrs Pancakes the idea to do it.  This will save all the hassle of having to cut the cake into 3 layers, spreading curd in between and giving herself a hell of a headache.  To solve the meringue problem (being too spongy and moist in our humid weather), Mr Pancakes suggested Mrs Pancakes could make the hard meringue biscuits to top it off instead, and so Mrs Pancakes was "assigned" to try that for Mr K's birthday lunch.

Armed with the same recipe as Lemon Meringue Cake (Part 1), Mrs Pancakes did her own cupcake version of the lemon (meringue) cupcakes.  Due to time constraints, it ended up with no meringue, thus I shall call it lemon curd cupcake.  Instead of using a cake tin, this time around, Mrs Pancakes used muffin trays.  This was how it turned out:

A little too moist this time.  Will do better the next time (hopefully with meringue biscuits) =)

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