Sunday, January 16, 2011

WHB #266: Tomato, Onion, Pesto Toast

This entry is written for Weekend Herb Blogging #266. This week's version is hosted by Cinzia from Cindystar.

This week we are back again with Chef Clement and a simple, straight-forward and definitely healthy recipe for a quick bite.

You will need:

(for pesto)
Fresh basil (use sweet basil) 200g
Pine nuts 50g
dash of salt and pepper
olive oil
grated parmesan 50 g

(the rest)
fresh onion rings
sliced fresh tomatoes
light cream cheese
toasted multi-grain bread
slice of cheese (if desired)

Blend basil, pine nuts and enough olive oil to just cover the herb and nuts.
Add grated parmesan cheese. Top up olive oil if desired.
Add salt and pepper to taste.

Lightly toast sliced multi-grain bread.
Spread pesto on top. For a hearty flavour, mix cream cheese with pesto before spreading it on the bread.
Layer with sliced onion rings and tomato slices.
Garnish with whole sweet basil leaves.

Enjoy this as a light meal. This combination will probably go well with cheddar cheese slice, bacon, ham or even a sunny-side up!


  1. thank you, huan, for your recipe, simple but tasteful!
    but ... you are a sort of future reading? has anybody told you anything about tomorrow Jan. 17th???
    it's gonna be the Pesto Day, for the International Day of Italian Cuisines, you can read something on my blog:

    and you posted it! great goal!

  2. haha. didn't know about it. just a coincidence!

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